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Brain Breakthrough Coaching and Counseling Program


Advanced Brain Technologies
Advanced Brain Technologies develops neurosensory training products that maximize human potential drawing from over 30 years of clinical experience with advances in neuroscience, music, acoustic, and brain research, toward the production of high-quality, effective and affordable products, technologies and delivery systems.


Balametrics educates the public about the profound effect that high quality balance therapies have on improving all aspects of intelligence and performance and provides the equipment to enhance the vestibular system. Balance activities that incorporate increasing levels of difficulty on the Belgau Balance Board have the effect of constantly building and creating more extensive neural networks. Because the neural networks that are created in this process are the same ones that are responsible for the resolution and efficiency of the brain's visual, auditory, motor, and sensory processes, balance activities improve the efficiency of the brain.

The Brain is the Boss
This is excellent place to learn about the brain in the simplest of terms.

Children Vision
Great explanation of how vision affects reading, comprehension and learning and memory.

College of Syntonic Optometry

Optometric phototherapy is the branch of ocular science dealing with the application of selected light frequencies through the eyes. It has been used clinically for over 70 years in the field of optometry with continued success in the treatment of visual dysfunctions, including strabismus (eye turns), amblyopia (lazy eye), focusing and convergence problems, learning disorders, and the aftereffects of stress and trauma. In recent years, Syntonics has been shown to be effective in the treatment of brain injuries and emotional disorders.

Designs for Strong Minds 
Be sure to check out the exercises on this site and test your mental functioning. There are many more exercises at  DSM Exercises. Research has shown that like other muscles brain function is a use it or lose it proposition. The more individuals challenge and use their minds, the more agile their brains remain. The Designs for Strong Minds program is designed to help individuals of all ages improve their mental flexibility, problem solving and memory. Those who have worked with Dr. Markus say that they concentrate better, have become better communicators, and feel more confident in their ability to handle school their day-to-day lives. By way of special exercises, students and adults learn new ways of processing information, which can be applied in school as well as in every aspect of their lives. Students gain better problem solving abilities and alternative strategies for decision making, and they learn logical thinking and organizational skills. These skills all lead to better study habits, test-taking abilities, and grades. The program helps provide insight and competence in difficult school subjects and helps students identify their analytical strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the successes they achieve in this program increase their self-esteem and confidence. These free introductory exercises will show you how Designs For Strong Minds can help you think faster and smarter. To find out more about the benefits and science of this mental workout please visit Designs For Strong Minds. Personal training for the mind. Just as your body needs a workout to stay in shape, so does your mind.


Based on impressive new discoveries involving the body's subtle energies, EFT has been clinically effective in relieving Trauma & Abuse, Panic & Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, DepressionAddictive Cravings, Children's Issues and hundreds of physical symptoms including pain relief, headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties.  Properly applied, over 80% achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem.  ...Often works where nothing else will....Usually rapid, long lasting and gentle. No drugs or equipment involved. ...Easily learned by anyone....Can be self applied.


"EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy has emerged as a procedure to be reckoned with in psychology....Almost a million people have been treated .... Also, further research appears to support the remarkable claims made for EMDR therapy."
Reported in The Washington Post, July 21, 1995

"Where traditional therapies may take years, EMDR takes only a few sessions."
Reported in The Stars and Stripes, February 12, 1995

"New type of psychotherapy seen as boon to traumatic disorders."
Reported in The New York Times, October 26, 1997


HeartMath LLC is a cutting edge performance company providing a range of unique services, products, and technology to boost performance, productivity, health and well-being while dramatically reducing stress. Founded in 1991 as a non-profit research organization by Doc Childre, HeartMath has earned global recognition for their unique research-based techniques and proprietary technology to transform the stress of change and uncertainty, and bring coherence and renewed energy to the workplace, and the home.

The Mind-Eye Connection
Developmental Optometry / Sensory Integration Dr. Deborah Zelinsky Eyesight is only one small part of vision. At the Mind-Eye connection, Dr. Deborah Zelinsky looks at an individual's dysfunctional visual processing systems (eyesight, visualization, depth perception and aiming ability) as they may play a role in poor reading comprehension or cause perceptual difficulties after a head injury. In addition, she measures a person's awareness of and interaction with their environment, as well as reflex movements and head position. Sensory integration is also evaluated. Most testing is done outside of the traditional machines.

Mind Alive 
Mind Alive Inc., designs and manufactures a series of Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) devices being used worldwide to assist people from all walks of life to promote better health and increase relaxation. In addition, they have proven effective as a non-drug approach to treating chronic pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, PMS and Attention Deficit Disorder as well as increasing creativity, improving sports and peak-performance. AVE technology has gained popularity because it has been proven to be a quick, yet safe and effective alternative to many pharmaceutical approaches.

Nutritional Concepts
Information on why solid nutrition is great fuel for body functions. When body functions are stable, visual skills require less effort.

Parents Guide to Children’s Visual Development    
The normal health and structure of the eyes do not guarantee that your child will be able to use those eyes efficiently in the world he must see and interpret. This Parents' Guide is designed to give you enough information about visual development so you can make intelligent observations, and know when, where and how to help your preschool child. The Parents' Preschool Visual Development Checklist, which follows some General Notes below, can help you know where your child is on the scale of developing necessary visual skills. Peruse this site for very user friendly information about all aspects of vision.

Power in Motion
Advanced Rehabilitative Medicine.

Relax4Life Center

The Relax4Life Center is located on 5 private wooded acres in Barrington, Illinois. They provide a number of products, workshops and services that assist  
 in the personal growth and healing process.  

Vision 3-D
Teaches about visual perception, Magic Eye 3D, stereograms as well as provides a wealth of information about pediatric vision care.

Vision and ADD/ADHD
Optometrists help many patients with challenging visual problems. Explore this website to learn about optometric care, such as vision therapy or visual rehabilitation for special needs, lazy eye, crossed eyes, learning related vision problems, computer vision syndrome, head trauma, and much much more.

Vision and Brain Injuries
This web site provides information and resources related specifically to the visual consequences of brain injuries.  This site discusses ways these problems can be successfully decreased or eliminated with various treatments, such as: Vision Therapy; Neuro-optometric Rehabilitation Therapy; Corrective Lenses, such as prism lenses; Phototherapy Programs (Syntonic Optometry, Light Therapy) .

Vision, Learning and Nutrition
Excerpts from an article by Donald J. Getz, OD, FCOVD, FAAO. This article by an eye doctor discusses children's problems with reading, learning, and behavior caused by convergence insufficiency, eye tracking problems, esophoria, exophoria, and other visual problems.

Wellness Associates
Martha Howard, MD practices Integrative Medicine--Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine.

Perlmutter Health Center
The unique approach offered by the Perlmutter Health Center recognizes the importance of the advances of modern medicine and utilizes these techniques fully. In addition, Dr. Perlmutter and his staff rely upon a variety of complementary health techniques including vitamin therapy, nutritional supplementation, herbal preparations, massage therapy, EDTA chelation therapy, and others to provide a comprehensive, fully integrated treatment plan specifically designed for the needs of the individual. Dr. Perlmutter’s Better Brain Book provides all the tools any reader will need for rejuvenating the mind, whether they've become forgetful and less able to focus at work, or are trying to help a loved one who has suffered a serious illness. This wonderful guide helps you to:

  • discover hidden brain toxins in your medicine cabinet, your household products, and the food you eat;
  • learn how to bring back clarity and mental vigor; and
  • find out what your doctor won't tell you about preventing and treating stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other neurological conditions.

In addition, The Better Brain Book offers a unique three-tiered food and supplement program that helps heal damage and restore youthful sharpness and memory, as well as specific exercises for keeping the mind alert. (You'll never lose your keys again!)

Explore These Tests of All Kinds
Check out these online psychological tests. They are for your entertainment and possibly educational use only and do not replace in any way a formal psychiatric evaluation. Remember for a diagnosis, you need to contact a licensed mental health professional.
Abuse Tests
Addictions Tests
Anxiety Tests
Bipolar Disorders Tests
Career Tests
Depression Tests
Dissociative Disorder Tests
Eating Disorders and Weight Tests
Intelligence Tests
Miscellaneous Tests
Personality Tests
Personality Disorders Tests
Relationships Tests
Sexual Health Tests
Stress Tests

Take the above tests

Goldberg Depression Test Questionnaire   
Use this questionnaire to help determine if you need to see a mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment of depression, or to monitor your mood. Instructions: You might reproduce this scale and use it on a weekly basis to track your moods. It also might be used to show your doctor how your symptoms have changed from one visit to the next. Changes of five or more points are significant. This scale is not designed to make a diagnosis of depression or take the place of a professional diagnosis. If you suspect that you are depressed, please consult with a mental health professional as soon as possible.

Pine Tree Clinic

Pine Tree Clinic offers a depth of integrative complementary, alternative and energy medicine that is rarely found today in one office, along with conventional medicine when indicated.

Diagnostics Include:
Computerized Regulation Thermography (CRT)
Heart Rate Variability: Autonomic Nervous System Assessment
Biological Terrain Management
Hair Mineral Analysis
Iris Diagnosis
Dental Panorex
Autonomic Response Testing
Blood Profiles
Urine Organic Acids Test
Plasma Amino Acid Test

Diagnostic Tests

The medical doctor at the clinic is Robert Zieve, M.D. Dr. Zieve has been practicing integrative and alternative medicine for over twenty five years. He is an active practitioner, author and lecturer who is passionate about offering his knowledge and experience to others in their process of healing. In addition. Dr. Zieve was a Board-Certified Emergency Physician for over twenty years. His book, Healthy Medicine: A Guide to the Emergence of Sensible, Comprehensive Care, has just been published.

Comprehensive Nnaturopathy
At Comprehensive Naturopathic Care, we help people to feel their best. We offer a depth of healing modalities that are rarely found today in one office, including far infrared sauna, ionic footbath, microcurrent and activated air which is used in many clinics in Europe, along with in-depth consultations.
Eve Greenberg, MA, LPC, CTN is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Traditional Naturopath who practices at Comprehensive Naturopathic Care in Boulder, Colorado.
As a traditional naturopath, Eve offers healing modalities such as microcurrent therapy, color therapy, autonomic response testing and laser energetic detoxification. She works with drainage homeopathy, herbs and nutrition. These weave together principles of biological resonance to effect change in body tissues.

Fully Fit Lifestyles
Barriers that impact your children at home, school and play can leave lasting impressions on their lives. The Kinetic Konnections program identifies and enhances a specific aspect of the child’s coordination — stability — providing a faster, simpler and drug-free method to effect lasting change. These changes include developmental progression, improved sensorimotor skills, and enhanced overall body coordination and ability.
We work with the very young — age one — to older teens — age 18. However, the majority of the children we see are between the ages of 6 and 12. Many of them have been diagnosed with:  

Developmental Delays or Disparity(often gifted)
• Visual Processing Disorders
• Sensory Integration Dysfunction ADD/ADHD
• Autism

New Perspectives
Dr. Robert Kohn, board certified in Behavioral Neurology and Neuropsychiatry, incorporates the best aspects of these fields and combines them into a integrative Neuro-Psychiatry practice that evaluates and treats both children and adults using advanced brain imaging technology and testing in the evaluation and treatment of ADHD, traumatic brain injury, bi-polar disorder, depression, epilepsy, headaches/migraines, stress, Tourette’s Syndrome.
Amen Clinics
Through our brain imaging work at the Amen Clinics with tens of thousands of patients from all 50 states and 68 countries over the last two decades I have come to see with my own eyes that you can literally change your brain and change your life. This is one of the most exciting advances in medicine, because with a better brain, always comes a better life.

Amen Clinics is dedicated to improving the lives of the people we serve through education, the latest advances in neuroimaging, and individualized treatment plans. We believe in using the least toxic, most effective treatments for our patients, and use a wide variety of interventions from natural supplements, medications, dietary interventions and targeted forms of psychotherapy.
Center IMT
Integrative Manual Therapy is built upon an underlying philosophy known as the Integrated Systems Approach. The Integrated Systems Approach is based on the premise that there is no one single problem causing a personÕs pain, disability, or limited function. The concept of systems integration extends beyond the physical systems of the body. Indisputable evidence exists that physical health is also influenced by emotional, personal, mental, spiritual and other aspects of an individual’s life.  

The Integrative Systems Approach includes the following systems and more:
• System of Biomechanics (joint integrity) of the pelvis, sacrum and spine
• System of Biomechanics of the peripheral joints of the arms and legs
• Muscle System
• Connective Tissue System
• Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord)
• Peripheral Nervous System
• Autonomic Nervous System
• Visceral System (cardiac, digestive, uro-genital, immune, pulmonary, detoxification, and more)
• Circulatory Systems (arterial, venous, and lymphatic)
• Energy Systems

Stillpoint Learning Center
StillPoint Learning Center is made up of a number of different studios, all focused on methods to help you live your life with a greater understanding of its meaning and a more deliberate manner of participating in that meaning.