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Brain Breakthrough Coaching and Counseling Program

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Northbrook, IL
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Psychotherapy Plus for individuals, children, families and couples.

The brain function you were born with is not necessarily the brain you now have or could have in the future. Science tells us that the brain, with proper stimulation, can develop new neural pathways expanding our capabilities mentally, emotionally and physically.

Too often we look for a pill to effect a change in our brain chemistry for mental, emotional and physical well being when there are other avenues one can consider.

Drug free protocols are provided that can stimulate or relax your brain to improve performance at work, home, school or in the sports arena. This program incorporates energy psychology, light, sound and vestibular stimulating technologies to help balance and enhance brain function. To quote Daniel Amen, MD and his book title, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life.”

If you are looking for assistance in dealing with:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Relationship Difficulties
Concentration and Memory
Reading and Writing Skills
Enhanced Sports Performance
Stress Reduction
Improved Self Image and Self Esteem